Top 5 Medical Colleges In Georgia for International Students


Top 5 Medical Colleges In Georgia for International Students

Top 5 Medical Colleges In Georgia for International Students

Top 5 Medical Colleges In Georgia – Do you want to study in Georgia? If yes, here is your chance of all time to get admission into the top medical colleges in Georgia.


Georgia is in the midst of a doctor shortage, specifically around the rural area. The state plans to continue increasing the amount of medical schools seats over the next few years in the hopes of educating the state’s future physicians. Georgia boasts a growing population and favorable wages for practicing clinicians.

There are opportunities to serve uninsured and underinsured individuals within this state. It is also a demography diverse state, exposing medical students to people with different cultures and backgrounds. Georgia offers beautiful scenery, with its mountains, lakes, and beaches, there is something for everyone in this charming state.

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Let’s take a look at medical schools in Georgia:

Top 5 Medical Colleges In Georgia

Below are the list of the Top 10 Medical Colleges In Georgia for International Students

1University Of Georgia:

The University of Georgia was established in 2004 in Tbilisi, is a private college that is recognized worldwide as being a member of the Bologna process. It ranks 9th as one of the best universities in Georgia. It is accredited by the ministry of education of Iran and officially listed in the medical council of India (MCI).

The university offers quality education of global standards and focuses on developing & polishing young talents for the future. It enriches the students with creative skills through modern educational techniques. It has an excellent group of faculty, who are experts in their own respective fields and are always there to help and guide students. The University of Georgia offers the best medical education in the world and offers versatile opportunities to the students to collaborate with other students, in renowned universities for enhancing their knowledge base.

2. European Teaching University:

European teaching university was established in the year 2013 and is authorized by the medical council of India for Indian students to pursue their MBBS from Georgia. The university is well-equipped with modern technologies and a diverse library with collections of both paper and e-books.

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Classrooms of the university are well-equipped with their projectors, display systems, and essential equipment for appropriate programs which helps in providing quality education. Various foreign students are studying at ETU. Students from various countries such as India, Pakistan, Ukraine, etc. The university takes the service of a special global agency, which helps foreign students with shelter, food, and security-related issues.

3. East European University:

East European universities strive to implement international educational standards in teaching and research. It believes in building a notable educational centre, which is built on the ideal of democracy and humanitarianism.

Currently, EEU runs 17 Bachelor, Master’s Doctoral degree programs in facilities of business and economics, humanities and social science, healthcare, and engineering. EEU is best in offering educational claimed modern academic programs. English is used as a medium for instruction and medical education in classrooms is delivered by professors and guest faculty.

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4Tbilisi Medical Academy:

Tbilisi medical academy, also known as the petre shotadze Tbilisi medical academy was marked its presence in 1992 by a remarkable Georgian physician, pediatric surgeon- Petre shotadze, and the academic was named after his demise in 1999. Tbilisi medical academy is one of the oldest private institutions for higher medical education in MBBS in Georgia.

TMA has grown up with more than 1500 graduates who work successfully in leading Georgia and international hospitals, universities, and scientific centres. TMA is a self-governed higher education institution with highly qualified academic staff. The university runs a one-step educational program in medicine (MD) that is delivered in the English language.

5. Geomedi Medical University:

Study Classroom Test Students

Geomedi medical university is also known as teaching university Geomedi, is an accredited higher education institution founded in 1998 by professor Marina Pirtskhalava. It is considered one of the top medical universities in Georgia.

The main motto of the school is to imbibe the students with the required skills and always be concerned about imparting quality medical education at an affordable cost to its students.


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