NYIF Loan Application Portal & Training Certificate – All You Need to Know

NYIF Loan Application Portal guidelines on how to start your NYIF Online Training to get your Certificate? If yes, this post is for you.

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We have received numerous requests from applicants who applied for Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF), looking for legit information on how they can apply for NYIF loan and online Training


Questions like;

  • How can I Apply for NYIF Loan?
  • Is NYIF Loan Application Portal open for ?Registration?
  • How can I login to my Loan Application Portal on NYIF website?
  • Have they started NYIF Training?
  • What is the requirements for NYIF online Training?
  • Why haven’t I been invited for NYIF Training?
  • How can I see my NYIF Training invitation letter/SMS?

These are the questions we’ve received from applicants who Successfully applied for Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) program.

If you are looking for the Answers to the questions above, worry no more because we have the Answers to all the questions here.

NYIF Loan Application Portal

1. You must have been trained before you can start applying for the NYIF loan. Only trained applicants can proceed on loan application from the NYIF Portal.

2. If you have completed your NYIF Training and also gotten your NYIF training certificate, but they’re still showing you that ”You Have not Been Trained” please don’t panic it’s because your name has not been uploaded from the NIRSAL Portal. But, if u are worried please contact your Zone cordinator.

3. Again, if you have been trained and not gotten your NYIF certificate, that means you didn’t answer the NYIF quiz. Only if you answered the quiz your portal can recognize you that  you have participated and completed the NYIF course


4. If you have submitted your BVN details before the change in modalities and you have not been trained wait for their message where you will upload your NYIF Business plan to qualify you for the training.

NYIF Application Portal

5. If you have not apply before the new modalities you can go ahead and submit your NYIF application as the portal is still ON.

NYIF Business Plan

6. Note, you don’t need any business plan to apply for NYIF if you have been trained and gotten your NYIF certificate before the change in modalities all what you need is answer their Technical questions carefully when applying for the loan.

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If you need us to help you with more updated information About NYIF Loan Application Portal & Training Certificate, kindly feel free to ask any question in the comment box below. You can also provide us your phone number or email Address for more updates.

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Nwoka Stanley

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4 thoughts on “NYIF Loan Application Portal & Training Certificate – All You Need to Know

  1. I applied for NYIF but I have not received any message for training.kindly help me out on how to be training and how do I go about it.

    1. Hello Mr Ogundele, we understand your situation because we have had several complains regarding to this.

      I will advice you check the spam box in your email address, if its empty then you have to wait till second week of this month.
      NYIF is having a second phase response only if your details were correctly entered.

      Just hold everything will be OK.

      You can also drop your WhatsApp number, so we can assist you with any latest update about NYIF. Thanks and Goodluck!

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