NMFB Covid-19 Loan: Nirsal Microfinance Bank Gives Reasons Why Some Applicants are Yet to Receive Their Loan.

The Nirsal Microfinance Bank (NMFB) has given a new update in regards to the reason why some Covid-19 Loan  (TCF) Applicants are yet to receive their loan.

We have received different complains from Covid-19 Loan Applicants concerning some delay in their loan disbursement. Many have questioned why they are yet to be paid after loan approval. well, if you are among these set of persons worry no more, because this post is for you.

Covid-19 Loan  (TCF) Application

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After receiving many complains from our site visitors  we decided to come up with this post as to assist and guide you on how you can fix all the little issues you’re facing with the COVID-17 LOAN.

According to NMFB, why some  of you may not received your covid-19 loan because of the following :

1) You’re a tier 1 account holder. If so, Kindly visit your bank to upgrade your account. Call 090100269017 to update us.

2) Ensure that the name on your application matches with the name on your account to avoid a mismatch during payment.

3.) Please desist from posting your account details on NMFB social media pages

This applied to the first batch of applicants who applied for the loan last year and have not been credited.

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It is also important for new Applicants who applied for the loan this year to take note of the instructions above to avoid things that may hinder them from getting the loan.

Hope this information is helpful? for more update kindly call 090100269017 or visit COVID-19 support.

If you need us to help you with more updated information about Covid-19 Loan  (TCF)Registration, feel free to ask any question in the comment box below. You can also provide us your phone number or email Address for more updates

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4 thoughts on “ NMFB Covid-19 Loan: Nirsal Microfinance Bank Gives Reasons Why Some Applicants are Yet to Receive Their Loan.

  1. Hello..my name is kamar. I have applied successfully but lost my reference number and this has been preventing me from logging in to my portal. How do I bypass this pls? Thanks

  2. I have being trying login my details to check if my loan has been approved but it was going, I needs a direct site to use to check or their is other means to check thanks

  3. Site was not going through to check my loan status currently thanks pls if any other means to check loan status?

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