N-Power Batch C : 4 Steps To Check Your N-Power NASIMS Verification/Enrollment Status


N-Power Batch C : 4 Steps To Check Your N-Power NASIMS Verification/Enrollment Status.

 N-Power Batch C login. The National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) has confirmed that they have commenced the processes for the next phase of the 1,000,000 N-power Batch C enrolment.

In a statement displayed on the applicants profiles on www.nasims.gov.ng, NASIMS stated, “Hi there, thank you for applying to be a beneficiary of N-POWER Batch C programme. We are looking through the list of applicants and it might take a while. If you qualify to move on the next stage, we will reach out to you.”

Capturing of applicants’ Finger Prints has also commenced on the portal by applicants who have passed the “online screening Test” phase of the enrolment processes. Applicants can update their finger prints by clicking on “Verification.”

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Recall that the Minister for Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Sadiya Umar Farouk has Thursday, disclosed that the ministry is about concluding the enrollment of 1,000,000 Batch C applicants in two streams of 500,000 in the first instance and another 500,000 later.

The Ministry had also disclosed that the Batch C N-power Programme would run for only 12 months on a N30,000 Monthly Stipend, adding that the selection process of the beneficiaries will ensure inclusion of people living with disability as well as equitable gender and regional representation.

The following are 4 basic steps to check your N-Power verification/enrollment status:

1) All N-Power Batch C applicants are to visit the https://nasims.gov.ng/login

2) All N-Power Batch C applicants are to login into the NASIMS/N-Power portal with the email you used for N-Power registration or your N-Power Application ID

3) Once the N-Power Batch C applicant is logged in to the N-Power/NASIMS portal, click the “verification” tab just underneath your N-Power profile to view your N-Power enrollment status, you should see a congratulatory message, with a fingerprint enrollment image. If you saw a blank page please continue trying as this might be due to quality of browser being used or network issues.

4) N-Power Batch C applicants should activate the “capture fingerprint enrollment” tab feature, please note if your smart phone do not have the fingerprint hardware and software please visit the nearest cybercafe to activate and complete the fingerprint biometric enrollment.

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If an N-Power Batch C volunteer is told to check back later, the N-Power Batch C volunteer should not panic, as the N-Power/NASIMS portal is still uploading the software as the N-Power shortlisting process is ongoing and will gradually come up with records of successful N-Power Batch C applicants.

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