Latest Npower Batch C News Update.

Latest Npower Batch C News Update.

All Npower Batch “C” applicants who actually took part in the just concluded CBT test which was Opened and Ended on the 11/05/2021 are to take note of the following.

After the Npower Registration and the test, the Npower management has set for another screening exercise known as physical Verification. This is the process where all the documents uploaded during the registration process by applicants will be provided physically. In this case, all applicants who participated in the Npower Batch C registration are expected to provide all the vital documents they uploaded during the registration.

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Therefore, there are categories of people that will be disqualified during the physical Verification exercise. Before an applicant must scale through the final stage which is the physical Verification exercise, He/ She must have the following requirements to avoid disqualification:

1. All your documents including Educational Qualifications, Birth certificates, Local Government Origin Certificates and your Identity Cards must be presented.

2. You must be present in your State Of residence as selected during the registration process.

3. If you were unable to write the test, you will not be selected for the physical Verification Exercise.

4. If there was a mistake in your Personal information during the registration process, please kindly sort it out before the commencement of the Physical Verification.

5. If you have double Registration automatically you are disqualified and for those of Batch A” or B” who also participate on this Exercise will surely be terminated from all the FG social intervention programs.

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6. All Applicants must be present at the screening Venue.

In conclusion, all applicants are expected to visit the NASIMS official Portal to know their screening date.

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