Latest Inksnation/Pinkoin Updates On Website Upgrade & Others. 

Latest Inksnation/Pinkoin Updates On Website Upgrade & Others.

Inksnation/Pinkoin Updates

Latest Inksnation/Pinkoin Updates On Website Upgrade & Others. We have received numerous complaints and questions from inksnation members and exchangers bordering on when the site upgrade will be done.

Many have wondered why the site upgrade is still not done yet despite all the encouraging words from inksnation.

Well if you are among these set of inksnation members exercising fear about the inksnation site upgrade, then you need to take this post serious because it’s for you.

This post is to clear  the unsual doubts  from inksnation members and inksnation exchangers.

The upgarde started in December and members were told that the website will be ready at a particular time in the month of March. However, the site is still not ready as at today and the month of March is almost ended.

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Latest Inksnation/Pinkoin Updates On Website Upgrade & Others.


Recall that iBSmartify Nigeria invented the World’s First Blockchain For Human Asset Development (InksLedger) and the World’s First Charitable Trust DAO (InksNation) with the intent to end poverty in any country in less than 9 months incentivising goodness, promoting love, unity, oneness, peace and equitable distribution of wealth.

We however wish to announce to all inksnation members that the upgrade happening on the website is for the benefit of the inksmembers as you can now:

  • Convert your pinkoins to any crypto currency of ur choice through your dashboard
  • Convert 20% to cash while you shop anything you want through your DRCB wallet pending when CBN lifts the ban they Placed on crypto transaction with banks.
  • Print your own recharge cards with ur own company name on our inksnation vtu portal.
  • Use your pinkoins to purchase goods at the market from inksnation merchants.
  • Use your pinkoins to pay for Transport fares as we would be having official INKSNATION Transport stations Like GOD IS GOOD MOTORS etc.

So much has been put in place and many other things are being worked on to ensure inksnation stands the test of time without any interruption in future.

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Latest Inksnation/Pinkoin Updates On Website Upgrade & Others.

There will be an unveiling of the upgraded website by Wednesday, the 12th of May 2021. By then, transactions can commence on the website with ease.

We therefore employ everyone to be a little more patient. The reason why the website is not accessible now is because opening it will disrupt the ongoing work on the site.

All Inks members are therefore advised not to log into their dashboards yet as the ongoing upgrade is for the betterment of every member.


If this information is useful and you need us to help you with more updated information about Inksnation/Pinkoin,  feel free to ask any question in the comment box below. You can also provide us your phone number or email Address for more updates.

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3 thoughts on “Latest Inksnation/Pinkoin Updates On Website Upgrade & Others. 

  1. Please, always update me. I am an ink, and have brought more than 24 members into INKSNATION.
    Those inks are from rural areas, therefore always want to know the updates.
    I remain INKS,
    Danladi Isah.

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