Inksnation Pinkard Login, Spendable Balance, DRCB Wallet & All You Need to Know About Inksnation

Are you looking for Inksnation Pinkard Login, Spendable Balance, DRCB Wallet? Or you want to know  more about Inksnation? If yes, worry no more this post will furnish you with all the vital information you seek.


Inksnation Pinkard Login, Spendable Balance, DRCB Wallet

There has been several complains and questions from our readers mostly those that registered on inknation.  Persons who registered on inksnation don’t really know what Inksnation is all about and how they can earn from the platform.

On this post, we will carefully educate you on what Inksnation Pinkard, Pinkoin, Spendable Balance, DRCB Wallet is all about.

Don’t be in a rush to leave the site because we addressing some issues and questions that will bring to an end to all questions on inknation and its authenticity

We have received different comments from Inks members, looking for legit explanation about inksnation.

Questions like;

  • What is Inksnation?
  • What is Inksnation Pinkoin?
  • What is Inksnation Pinkard?
  • What is Inksnation Spendable Balance?
  • How Can I Use my Inksnation DRCB Wallet?
  • What is the meaning of DRCB Balance?
  • What is Inksnation Market (INKS MART)
  • What is the latest News about Inksnation?
  • How can I Get Inksnation Latest Updates?

If the questions above have been disturbing you, please worry no more because we have the answers to all the questions here.

Now lets begin by answering the questions one after the other. Please carefully read through to avoid missing out any important information about inksnation.


Inksnation is the world’s first charitable trust that exists as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The CEO of Inksnaton is Amos Sewanu Omotade-Sparks who is also known as the UDI (Universal Daddy Ink).

The headquarters of Inksnaton is in Nigeria at 19 Posukoh Quarters off Joseph Dosu Way, Badagry, Lagos State.

Inksnation states that its project can eradicate poverty in any country in less than 9 months.

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It intends to achieve this with its own blockchain called InksLedger (formerly iBLedger). InkLedger functions not like the conventional blockchains.


What is Inksnation Pinkoin?

Inksnation Pinkoin is the reserve token of the Inksnation’s blockchain that is currently in its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) stage. Pinkoin is the brainchild of Inksnation. It is the native coin of the InksLedger.

The coin was launched on 12th August 2020 thus bringing its crowdsale to an end.

This token and its blockchain have been making headlines lately and guess you are here to find out all about it.

It being a native coin simply means that it will be used to make whatever payment that is to be made on InksLedger.

According to the team at Inksnation, this native reserve coin will pay everyone on earth (including babies born every day) salary for life.

It is proposing a minimum of 4,000NGN daily and 120,000NGN will be paid monthly for life as UCBI (Universal Child Basic Income).

The Pinkoin has a total supply of 144,000,000 coins and uses the ticker – PKN.


Insknation Pinkard is a QR debit card that is issued to Inksnation members on the platform. The Pinkard is used to withdraw, buy/sell, deposit money from Inksnation machine and to register new members in Inksnation.

Inksnation Pinkard Login

Inksnation Pinkard Login is a platform where all members of inksnation login to their dashboard to view their inksnation spendable balance, DRCB balance, Pinkoin balance and others.

What is Inksnation Spendable Balance?

Inksnation Spendable balance is where the 10% of your total salary will drop i.e if you are a Bronze member, you will see N12,000 in this wallet every month which you can exchange to cash, while if you are a Silver member, you will see N18,000 in this wallet every month.

Please Note: Due to the ongoing Inksnation Upgrade, exchange of Pinkoin to cash has been suspended but your pinkoin can be used to buy goods & pay for services at the Inskmarket.

How Can I Use my Inksnation DRCB Wallet?

The full meaning of Inksnation DRCB is Decentralized Reserve Cashless Banking. What it means is that you can reserve your pinkoin in that wallet like a bank.

DRCB WALLET: the remaining 90% of your 120k which is 108,000 will drop in your DRCB wallet every month.

Remember, the DRCB wallet is called a MAGIC WALLET, it is a magic wallet in the sense that any money that drops here will be multiplied by three.

Example, your 108,000 balance on dropping in the DRCB wallet every month, will automatically turn to 324,000.

With this wallet you can ONLY buy/pay for goods and services.

Note, NO EXCHANGE TO CASH OR TRANSFER from WALLET TO WALLET is allowed with the DRCB wallet.

DRCB WALLET is NOT FUNCTIONING FOR NOW till March 2021 when Inksnation upgrade will be completed and Merchants will be approved nationwide.

As soon as this is done, with your DRCB WALLET, you can purchase anything you like,

For instance, you can use your DRCB WALLET TO Pay rent, Buy Electronics, Clothes, Gadgets, Appliances, Pay Schools Fees, Pay For Travel Tickets, Buy Cars, Lands, Properties, anything you can buy etc.

What is Inksnation Market (INKS MART)

Inksnation Market (Inksmart) is a digital market where all verified members of Inksnation (Brother Inks, Sister Inks) go to buy and sell goods and servicers to other members using their Pinkard.

How to Register for Inksnation

To register and become a member of Inksnation, please visit Inksnation Account Registration, Activation & BVN Verification and carefully read the instructions to avoid making any mistake when registering for Inksnation.

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